What is the I Am Remnant conference all about?

The I Am Remnant Movement is about restoring the identity of a generation! This conference will be a gathering of students and leaders from across the country and world that are desperate for transformation in God’s presence. God is assembling key voices, leaders, students, but most of all the desperate in heart, to rise up and lead. We believe this movement will begin a revolution and transform our culture and nation.

I Am Remnant is three days of powerful gatherings, intimate worship, Holy Spirit filled encounters, training for students and leaders, and a realization for each student that God has personally chosen them. Our goal at this conference is to show every student that they truly are a remnant, hand-picked by God to live above the standard of this world. The remnant refuses to be ordinary, but rather, radical in their love and passion for their Savior. I Am Remnant Movement will be a moment in time that will rewrite the history books, push back the gates of hell and release a generation into God’s prophetic plan for their lives! We are “Remnant!”


Pat Schatzline

Author of “Why is God so mad at me?”.”I Am Remnant”, and “Unqualified” Pat is an Evangelist to the nations. From Singapore, Australia, Europe and the U.S., Pat brings the presence of God to any atmosphere with his convicting sermons and Holy Spirit fueled altar calls.

Karen Schatzline

Karen Schatzline is Co-President of Remnant Ministries with her husband Pat. She is a powerful speaker and has her new book “Dehydrate” out. Karen does many women’s conferences throughout the year and speaks with her husband on many occasions at numerous churches.