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Fasting – 21 Days That Will Revolutionize Your Life

 Fasting – Where Is Their God

Fasting – The Awakening Fast


Get Off My Back Dummy

Road to Brokenness

Farmer And Famine

I’m about to brag!


Unqualified Entrepreneur


Calling Forth the Unqualified

The Cry Of The Tombs

Am I Not Enough

It Aint Over

In The Year Pride Died

Awaken The Samuels

Conversations With the King

Simeon Cry

Ah Sovereign Lord

Interview With The Holy Spirit

You Can’t Cut My Hair

Re-Dig The Ancient Wells

Awaken The Samuels

Get In The Ring

Enemy Within Me

Emotions That Destroy a Leader

The Simeon Cry


They Were Wrong

Royalty Has A New Face


Suddenly Isn’t Very Sudden

The Pits, the Wells, and the Graves Part 2

The Pits, the Wells, and the Graves Part 1

The Awakening Fast

They Were Wrong

A Sad Day Brother!

Manny Rivera – Legacy Conference

George & Phyllis Sawyer – Legacy Conference

Glen Berteau – Legacy Conference

Jim Hennesy – Legacy Conference

Becky Hennesy – Legacy Conference

Patty Vanenzuela – Legacy Conference

Greg Devries – Legacy Conference

Gone Dark – Legacy Conference

Jayme Montera – Legacy Conference

A Conversation With My King

Preaching With a Purpose

Hello, My Name is John

One Step Away

Audience of One

Ruined by Him

Remnant Rising

It’s On Purpose

The Minister’s New Clothes


Weeping Lions, Roaring Lambs

Voice of the Giants

Catching a Glimpse of the Father

Seasons Change

Cry of A Generation

Casey Doss – Forerunner School of Ministry

The Jonah Factor- Live from Singapore

Finding a Woman’s Purpose Through Friendship

The Man In The Shadows

Branding The Vision

Next Level Youth Ministry

It Ain’t Over

Saving Private You

It’s Our Time, Don’t Ring Out

No! Let Her Have The Baby!

I am Undone – Forerunner Campus Days 2011

Buried Alive and Waiting to be Rescued

People of the Other Side

Have Your Day in Court

Where Two or More are Gathered

When the Dove Cries

Why is God so Mad at Me?

The Protector of His Presence

Always a Martha, Never a Mary

Is There Not A Cause?

Confronting our History

Taken Part 4 – The Only Way

Taken Part 3 – An Inconvenient Truth

Taken Part 2 – The Rise of the Preachers in a Barren Land

Taken Part 1 – The Battle for a Generation

Table for Two

A Woman of War

Anatomy of Lostness – Part 4

Anatomy of Lostness – Part 3

Anatomy of Lostness – Part 2

Anatomy of Lostness – Part 1