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Herdeira Women’s Conference 2018

jesus is good

jesus is good

Learn how to become an Altar Builder with Pat and Karen.

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Pat and Karen Schatzline are a Power Couple! They are uniquely gifted and they have become gifts to The Body of Christ. They are impacting this generation without compromise. They are truly awakening a generation for God.
Pastor John Kilpatrick, Pastor and author, Church of His Presence, Daphne, AL

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Pat & Karen Schatzline

Unqualified Testimony

“I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but that is besides the point. Only pages into your book “Unqualified” and finally understanding that even though I was conceived in rape, and though I see myself as a disqualified person who is only here due to the works of the enemy, and the mercy of my mother keeping me, I’m now (for the first time in my life) accepting that I was predestined and that I am qualified to reach people that others can not. I am no longer unqualified. Thank you for pouring God’s love, power, and words into all of your amazing books, they have touched and impacted my life.” Holly (Florida)

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